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Birthday Party or wedding guests will be thrilled by a Topsy - Turvy Cake decorated with a unique theme. These unusual desserts with fondant icing are fun for

My 1st Topsy Turvy Cake and it was for a wedding · Kasha · Single Tier Topsy Turvey · Humming bird · turquoise, green, and yellow topsy turvy · Wedding cake

Topsy turvy cakes are eye-catching and the talk of any party. Your wedding guests will marvel at the incredible balancing act. Check out these pIctures of

This unique topsy turvy wedding cake is themed after Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride. It has alternating tiers of white cake with hazelnut and chocolat.

15 Jan 2008 Check out these incredible trends in wedding cakes for 2008. A cake is no longer just a cake but a theme, a statement, a work.

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