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Bridal Showers : Q & A: How to state money only on Bridal Shower when should I mail the bridal shower invitations, when should I expect a RSVP by?

23 Mar 2008 Looking for wedding shower money tree ideas? Before you commit to planning a bridal shower where the money tree will be the main theme,

Discussing the etiquette issues around gift cards, baby registries, wishing wells, and money trees. What should the hostess do when the expecting mom

I've read most of the posts in here and I don't see a problem with a ' money tree '. We will be hosting a bridal shower for my future daughter in law soon and

16 Jul 2008 .. so i have to make invitations for my sisters bridal shower .. and Read the following 1) Invited to a “ Money Shower ” — Now What? . I think that it's

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