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Make the béchamel sauce . Mix 1/2 of the sauce with the chicken mix and the cream . Bring to a simmer over medium heat, gently toss to coat everything.

26 Aug 2008 Béchamel is one of the four and white or cream sauces are basically variations of this mother sauce . Béchamel (or white or cream ) sauce is a

Make bechamel sauce as directed below or pepper. Add 1 cup cream and milk gradually and minutes before cutting and serving.

Bechamel sauce recipe with optional ingredients. A spiced bechamel sauce or white sauce recipe. Walnut Cream Sauce (for pasta) · Back to the Sauce Index

Basic Bechamel sauce recipe with variations. Sauce variations include Mornay Sauce , Veloute Sauce , Herb Sauce , Cream Sauce , and Mustard Sauce Recipe.

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